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Custom Motorized Blinds and Shades

Everything else in your life is automated, why not your blinds? Make your life easier and save time with these custom remote control window coverings. Control your blinds with the touch of a button! Motorized blinds offer the utmost convenience and control, plus they’re safer for homes with kids and pets. Ideal for hard-to-reach windows, motorized blinds and shades ensure you’ll never have to deal with tangled cords or stubborn lift controls.

Remote Control

Don't waste time adjusting blinds in many windows by hand or struggling to raise heavy shades. Our multi channel remotes will allow you to open one shade or the whole room with the push of a button. They can also be programmed to saved positions so all your shades are perfectly aligned.

Image by Brandon Romanchuk
Smart Home Enabled

Connect your smart blinds and control options over WiFi. Conveniently alternate between remote and voice controls while you’re at home, and get peace of mind by using the app to control your blinds while you’re traveling.

Motorized Wand

Want the convenience of motorized shades but worried about losing a remote? Try one of our attached remote options like a power wand or pull motor. With the click of a button or tug of a chain, your can raise or lower your motorized shades.

 Motorized Lineup
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